Email Setup for Outlook 2007

Step 1

Locate the menu bar in the window. In our screen shot below it reads - File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools, Actions and Help.

To open the Accounts tool do the following:

  1. Click the Tools menu
  2. Then the Accounts submenu
  3. New or Change email option
  4. Click on the New icon

Screen shot 1

Select the Tools > Accounts menu

Step 2

Now select the Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3) option.

Screen shot 2

Choose the POP3 option

Step 3

Tick the option Manually configure the server settings... and click next.

Screen shot 3

Manually configure the server settings

Step 4

Now you need to choose the Internet E-mail option and click the next button.

Screen shot 4

Choose the 'Internet E-mail' option

Step 5

To complete Step 5 you will have to enter the following information:

  • Your name: your name
  • Email address: the email address provided to you
  • Incoming mail server POP3:
  • Outgoing mail server SMTP:
  • Username: your complete email address
  • Password: your password

Tick the option Remember Password to save your password in Microsoft Outlook 2007.

Now click the More Settings... button

Screen shot 5

Fill in the fields with your details

Step 6

Click on the tab labled Outgoing Server and fill in the fields with your details

  • Tick My outgoing server (SMTP) require authentication
  • Make sure the option Use same setting as my incoming mail server is ticked too.

Now click the OK button. You are now returned to the Step 5 window. Now click the Next button to save your settings.

Screen shot 6

Internet Email Settings

Setup Complete

This now concludes setting up your emails on Microsoft Outlook 2007. Click the Finish button and start working with your emails.

Screen shot 7

Click the 'finish' button.