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@Seville_Writer volver is such a powerful song Summer is here:))) — hace 5 años 10 semanas
ICANN 2,305 New gTLD Applications Received to Date We are on record with one of the highest predictions at 3000 Not Bad — hace 5 años 11 semanas
EU has no net debt as US & UK. It has over-saved at core & over-borrowed at periphery, Needed is austerity in periphery AND spending in core — hace 5 años 12 semanas
Sound logic needed in Andalucia RT@carmenurbano:El turismo y la internacionalización de la comunicación vía web. — hace 5 años 12 semanas
Preparing camera gear heading off to a lemon grove #photography — hace 5 años 13 semanas
Very interesting visit to @andalucialab with the Costa del Sol press club — hace 5 años 14 semanas
@mneylon Hope it was a good one. — hace 5 años 18 semanas
ICANN Costa Rica Meeting - public forum is just starting - join virtual meeting #ICANN43 — hace 5 años 18 semanas
With due respect to Steve Crocker, WHOIS is a museum piece, we are all too polite, it took a Philipina to say it - Judith Vasquez #icann43 — hace 5 años 19 semanas
Dotless domains! Patrik Faltstrom, SSAC Chair #ICANN43 asks Will they work? Yes but not recommended. Read report — hace 5 años 19 semanas
ICANN 43 kicking off with GNSO working session to full room in Costa Rica. — hace 5 años 19 semanas
@jlcordoba thanks for attending the talk yesterday evening — hace 5 años 23 semanas
Presenting a new dynamic design to two clients this morning #internet #graphic impact — hace 5 años 24 semanas
@tsvenson do you have plans to revisit? — hace 5 años 24 semanas
Everyone welcome to this event #newGTLD´s — hace 5 años 24 semanas
All welcome to attend a talk on the biggest change in the internet yet By our MD Chris Chaplow — hace 5 años 24 semanas
Is Google+ Mandatory For Marketers? And Is That So Bad? - — hace 5 años 25 semanas
La semana en que SOPA falleció - — hace 5 años 26 semanas