Free AWS Seminar - How to buy internet advertising

Date: 28th October

Cost: Free, RSVP required

Location: CADE, Avenida Ricardo Soriano 66, Marbella

"I know that half of my advertising IS working, if only I knew which half" goes the old marketing saying. Fortunately Internet advertising is the most trackable form of advertising on the planet. As long as you know your PPC´s from your CPM´s and your "unique visitors" from your "hits".

All businesses can benefit from extra traffic to their website and we explain how to do this in the most cost effective way possible.

This is an introductory level talk is intended for Business Managers who want to understand some of the technical and analytical issues in buying Internet advertising. This talk will be in plain language and we wont baffle you with "techno speak"

Chris Chaplow (Managing Director) explains in a series of steps the analysis process to find providers, evaluate offers, compare different sorts of ad units, compare different pricing models, run tests and reach conclusions on where best to spend limited marketing budgets.

Click the file below to download the powerpoint presentation.

Please contact Encarni López tel: 952 897 865 or via e-mail if you would like Chris Chaplow to make this or a similar presentation at your event.