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Domain Services

Andalucia Web Solutions can register your chosen domain name for you. You can choose a generic domain such as .com, .net, .org, .info, a country specific domain such as .es, or .uk. or a new style domain such as .asia. .cn.

October 2007 marked the arrival of the .es domains with the letter “ñ” and other letters with accents and umlauts used in the Spanish language. Andalucia Web Solutions is pleased to announce that we will now be able to register your favorite Spanish domains containing the following characters 'á', 'à', 'é', 'è', 'í', 'ì', 'ó', 'ò', 'ú', 'ü', 'ñ', 'Ç' y 'l·l'. We will also be able to register these domains with such characters as .com.

A new field of Internet opportunities awaits and we would be delighted to register your domain with the corresponding accents included. Just call us for more details.

The domain name may be registered for a period of between one and ten years. The domain owner may set up a subscription so that Andalucia Web Solutions is responsible for the renewal or the domain owner may be responsible for the renewal.

In addition to domain registration which merely confirms you as the owner of the domain, we offer a domain parking service which allows the display of a contact page and the forwarding of emails in addition to a full website hosting service.

We have the expertise to handle all your domain issues - big and small - advising which domains you should own and registering them, or helping you recover names owned by others.


If you are considering applying for a gTLD please contact us to consider enlisting our services as a consultant to project manage the application.

For more information on domain registration and management...
Contact sales on 952 897 865 or fill in our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.