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Internet Marketing

One excellent way to drive visitors to a website is via paid Internet advertising. This can be on a pay per click basis with major search engines or from large well established websites which have a high volume audience relevant to the website being advertised.

When choosing where to place Internet advertising consider the following

  • Does the website in question have an audience relevant to the business that is to be advertised?
  • If the audience is relevant, does the website have enough volume in terms of unique visitors to make the cost worthwhile?
  • Can the company back up its claims with an audit or some kind of third party validation?
  • What are the objectives of the Internet advertising campaign? Volume visitors, brand recognition or both, for example?

Word of caution – Do not be confused by talk of “hits”. When buying Internet advertising one should focus on the number of unique visitors a website receives and the number of “click throughs” that can be expected.

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