Web Design Process

Design Process

This guide gives the client an overview of the design process, on which Andalucia Web Solutions' estimate will be based. Refer to section 4 of the terms & conditions of the AndWebSol SL contract - design of web page, www.andaluciaws.com/client-terms.htm

  1. Design Brief
    Design Brief The client is asked to complete a design brief. This enables Andalucia Web Solutions to fully understand the clients requirements for the project, including a “site structure”.
  2. Submission of Primary Material
    Client submits primary material specified in Design Process Checklist.
  3. Check & Acceptance of Primary Design Materials
    AWS confirms submission of relevant project material outlined in Design Process Checklist. (no text needed at this stage as we would use latin text on the page – navigation would be created according to “site structure”
  4. Website Graphic Design
    Website graphic design begins, ie., Layout, Colour Scheme, Look and Feel, Button Graphics etc. Design proposal(s) are then submitted to client for approval / alteration. Client provides feedback to Andalucia Web Solutions.
  5. Sign off
    Client approves graphic design and site structure by signing off the “Design Concept Acceptance Form” .
  6. Website secondary page graphic design (optional) sign off .
  7. Submission of remaining material.
    Client submits and Andalucia Web Solutions confirms submission of all the material outlined in Design Process Checklist.
  8. Website Construction.
    Website construction begins, once the client has signed the “Design Concept Acceptance Form”, and submission of ALL material is complete. The site’s construction follows the pre-agreed graphic design and structure. Website structure and page names are checked with SEO specialist and then pages are created.
  9. Customer Feedback.
    Client reviews the completed website design in a client preview area, via the Internet.

    At this stage the client has two opportunities to may make changes to the text or photos/images contained within the body text. Any alteration to the pre-agreed structure or graphic design at this stage is not covered in our estimate, and will incur further costs charged at an hourly rate.

  10. Website Completion.
    Final amendments or additions to website are made.
  11. Go Live
    The completed website goes live (is published to the internet) and link(s) added from andalucia.com (if applicable) on receipt of full payment of monies owed.

Any work requested after the website goes live, is naturally subject to Section 9 as per the terms & conditions of the AndWebSol SL client contract, which refers to updates of web pages.