Groundwork optimisation

  • Website Audit Report / Suggestions
  • Keywords advice
  • Titles and meta tags
  • On page optimisation of all additional content
  • Off page Search Engine Optimisation
  • Submission to major search engines.
  • Submission to 25 web Directories
  • Comprehensive website statistics
  • Site map
  • Phone and email support during contract period
  • Final Report

Groundwork optimisation is the search engine-marketing solution we recommend to small and medium businesses or start-ups.

Analysing / Planning

In order to identify the key phrases relevant to your business, and to analyse the structure and Search Engine potential of your website, we will start by producing an audit report. We will then collate the data, which will be used to make educated decisions as to the best line of action to be followed.

We will check your suggested list of keywords for popular usage and add some suggestions of our own in order to make a combined list to work with.

At this stage we are happy to meet with you (if you’re based locally), or to conduct a phone conversation to discuss the findings of the Audit Report and agree the best plan of action.


After insuring the relevant changes have been made to the website, we will register it with the major Search Engines, and 25 directories.

Monitoring / Reporting

We will then check for your sites inclusion in the search engines on a regular basis and will re-register it if necessary. Assuming your website is designed in a "search engine friendly" style, you should see results from this work after two to three months.

We will write an initial audit report, produce ongoing monitoring of search engine positions and a final report for you, detailing the progress of your registration and your search engine standing. We will then make recommendations on future actions.

Bottom Line

The key measure of success is to see an improvement in the position of your website on your chosen key phrases within the major search engines. More importantly we should see a significant increase in visitors to your website from the search engines.

This package equates to 3 to 6 months period.

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